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Water Activated Tape Case Study

Friday, April 3, 2020

A worldwide distributor of telecommunications and long time customer of Murphy Packaging was having issues with boxes popping open during transit. Their products had a value from $100-$800 so it was very important the box stay sealed during transit to avoid damage or theft. 

Current Shipping Conditions:

  • Weight of Box: ranged from 1 to 90 pounds

  • Box Size: ranged from small to large

  • Annual products shipped: $100,000,000+

  • Adhesive being used: Level one, low grade Water Activated Tape (WAT)


Due to the grade of WAT being used (Level 1), the customer was using 6 strips to seal the top and bottom of the cartons. The reason for the excessive use of strips was to try and eliminate claims and damage to the products during transit.

Murphy Packaging Solution:

After analyzing the application, we recommended switching from the current entry level WAT to a level 4 or heavy duty WAT. The level 4 WAT product has both increased strength and durability because of  thicker paper content as well as the increased amount of fiberglass used when manufacturing the tape.

Results/Cost Savings:

The heavy duty WAT that Murphy Packaging recommended allowed a reduction from 6 strips to 2 strips of WAT per box as well as eliminating both claims and damage to product during transit. An estimated $120,000 in savings annually occurred due to the reduction in both the amount of material being used and the  time/cost for the labor when applying the WAT adhesive.