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Steel to Polyester Strapping

Monday, March 18, 2019

Not very long ago, steel strapping was the only option in the packaging industry. Today, there are two types of plastic strapping--polypropylene and polyester to add to your choices.  Depending on your application, switching to a plastic strapping, if possible, could save you about 70% in material costs.

Polypropylene strapping is designed for light to medium duty applications. It is ideal for palletizing, unitizing, and bundling. Its available in many different thicknesses, widths and variations just like steel strapping,  plus can be printed on. The benefits of polypropylene strapping include:

  • More cost effective than steel strapping

  • Lightweight and easy to apply for the operator

  • Less dangerous--no sharp edges

  • High elongation

  • High elongation recovery

Polyester strapping is the most rigid of all the strapping options, making it a great alternative to steel strapping. It has great retained tension and recovery for rigid loads and can be used in heavy duty loads when polypropylene won’t suffice. The benefits of polyester strapping include:

  • Most rigid of the plastic strappings

  • Long tension retention

  • High strength

  • Easy to recycle

  • Hand grade and machine grade options

Obviously, plastic strapping can not be used in every situation due to unique packaging requirements. Murphy Packaging can help you determine if plastic strapping is an alternative to your steel strapping. Just give us a call at (847) 549-1400 to find out if it’s an option for you!