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Shrink Film Packaging Analysis

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Understanding your unique packaging requirements is something we take very seriously at Murphy Packaging. During our 40+ years of experience, we have brainstormed with customers to come up with alternative packaging in order to solve their most frustrating concerns. Here is one example of a packaging analysis and our recommendation.

Packaging Scenario:

Recently, a new customer approached us with a weatherproofing issue. Their products are manufactured and placed in corrugated boxes. The pallets of material were then wrapped by placing a top sheet on the top of the pallet and then stretch wrapped. Their pallets were then stored outside for up to 6 months.


During the outside storage period, the pallets were damaged due to the weather elements permeating the packaging. Rain or snow would seep between the layers of the top sheet and stretch film.  This would deteriorate the corrugate. The product would then have to be either rejected or repackaged.


After working with both the purchasing and production teams, we came up with a shrink wrap solution. Instead of wrapping with both a top sheet and stretch wrapping we developed a super strength shrink film material that would wrap the pallet in one continuous packaging.


Rejects/damage to the corrugate has been virtually eliminated from their over $100,000 in damage from the previous year. In addition, we provide them four different tints in order to help them differentiate one product from another. The tinting of the shrink film helped both our customer and the end user in the streamlining of  inventory process. 

Want to join our list of “success” stories? Call our packaging experts and find out how to set up your free packaging analysis.