Hand Tools and Accessories

Steel Strapping

Murphy Packaging offers a wide range of steel strapping hand tools and accessories.

  • Steel Manual Tools: Manual steel strapping tools are the simplest and most basic method of tensioning, sealing and cutting steel strapping. MPI offers a variety of manual tools to suit your budget and needs. Depending upon your application one can either invest in a three tool system (tensioner, sealer and cutter) or a combination sealess tool that will perform all three operations without the cost of seals.
  • Steel Power Tools: MPI’s steel strapping power tools are ergonomically designed, easy to use, and durable. SP series offers both seal and non seal models for fast and efficient tensioning and closure. With several models to choose from, there is a system for almost every application
  • Steel Dispensers: MPI offers two types of steel strapping dispensers.The SD-17 is a portable cart type dispenser that handles up to ¾” standard oscillated wound steel coils. The SD-62 heavy duty dispenser is for ribbon wound steel strap up to 2". Lastly, for proper and safe operation of your steel tools, Polychem stocks a full compliment of filter lubricators and counter balancers.