Hand Tools and Accessories

Poly Strapping

Murphy Packaging offers a wide range of poly strapping hand tools and accessories. 

  • Plastic Tensioners: provide the simplest method for tightening plastic strapping around a load or package. Starting with the TH-HP hand pull tensioner as our most basic manual device we also offer the most popular windlass manual plastic strapping tensioners.
  • Plastic Sealers: used to crimp metal seals to positively join tensioned plastic strapping ends together. MPI offers several sizes of sealers that properly fit the plastic strapping’s width for a positive seal.
  • Battery Powered Tools: The Polychem B Series battery operated friction weld tools are "state-of-the-art", ergonomically designed.The new B Series are shorter in length, lighter in weight, and better balanced for easier operation. The Polychem B Series tools can pull up to 1125 pounds of tension and operate with both polypropylene and polyester plastic strapping 3/8"" to 3/4" wide up to .050 thick.
  • Kits and Dispensers: Polychem’s plastic strap dispenser is excellent for low volume portable strapping. The DS-300 plastic strapping dispenser is adjustable to accept 8” and 16” diameter cores and 3”, 6”, and 8” faced coils. A handy tray stores seals and tools.