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Packaging Trends: REIMAGINE

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The big excitement in 2019 centers on customization, where customers and suppliers come together to brainstorm a less expensive, more efficient way of shipping product.  While some customization can come through time-tested products that the customer had not yet considered using, other customization ideas come from the new products and equipment upgrades introduced each year at the major packaging shows.  Murphy Packaging was especially impressed this year by the following equipment:


RIPACK is the premier manufacturer of hand-held heat guns, but RIPACK also manufactures a heat tower.  This mobile heating column is mounted on a trolley and easily pushed by an operator to meet and surround any pallet with ultra-hot heat that will shrink even the thickest film in under one minute.  The tower’s height is adjustable up to 2.4 m, and will provide smooth, uniform coverage - especially of covered pallets whose tops are awkward to reach with a hand-held gun.  The width or length of a pallet is never an obstacle, unlike with heat tunnels or frames with rigid dimensions.  TURBOPACK comes complete and ready to simply turn on.  It will wrap 80 pallets per each set of propane tanks.  


The new WCA- TWIN-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper features the high speed of a one-way wrap while maintaining the stability and load containment of an X-pattern.  One carriage wraps from bottom up; the other wraps from top down.  The impressive list of benefits includes:

  •  Rotation time is cut in half for a single load
  • Two separate, double-stacked loads can be wrapped simultaneously
  • The same amount of stretch film can be applied with fewer rotations for single loads
  • Load containment can be increased by equipping one carriage with cord or banding
  • Load stability can be increased by securing top and bottom of load on first rotation
  • Carriage is maintenance-free
  • The heavy-duty structural steel construction is guaranteed for 10 years.


On-demand machines emerged as one of the hottest items in this year’s packaging show.  Providing the ultimate in customization, they allow a company to:

  • Access product at their convenience
  • Free up warehouse space
  • Adjust immediately to changes in production needs
  • Control the shipping schedule

Sealed Air is now offering the New-AIR Flex machine, which can create up to 20 meters of bubble wrap in one minute, on-demand.  Easy to use, an operator would simply load a roll of Bubble Wrap 1B into the machine and press start.  The Bubble Wrap 1B is shipped flat from Seal Air and is stored flat, drastically reducing the impact of freight costs and warehouse space.  The convenience of immediately having the exact amount of bubble wrap needed is especially significant to companies experiencing seasonal fluctuations, but obviously significant to all who want to control their production and shipping in-house.


…and for the ultimate in machine convenience, STA has come up with a tape that requires no machine or device whatsoever when sealing a box.  New edge-control technology allows an operator to simply tear the tape with his hands.  For use at the other end of the shipping process, ShurSEAL’S folded-edge allows an operator to open a box by easily tearing the tape apart with his hands.  Save on labor while eliminating the cost of a cutter and providing total safety to your operators.  Contact Murphy Packaging for details on both new machine-free applications.