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Packaging Tape Basics

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

When you are developing your product or process you invest a lot of time and money to make sure it's made correctly, right? Shouldn’t the same analysis be put into the packaging of that product to ensure it arrives intact to your end customers?

Packaging tape is a very important component of the packaging materials. The right tape can help avoid the tape not sticking to the carton or loose case seals. This can result in:

  • Production downtime

  • Material waste

  • Higher labor costs

  • Higher risk of product damage or theft during transit

Here are some key characteristics to look at when choosing packaging tape:

  • Easy unwind

  • Good adhesion

  • Strength & durability

  • Strong hold

The right packaging tape for your application is out there and the experts at Murphy Packaging can help you find it. In order to find “the” tape for your application, the following factors should be determined:

  • Grade of current Tape

  • Environment--temperature during application as well as while stored. Is it extremely dusty, cold or humid etc?

  • Substrate--what is the tape being applied to?

  • Application Method--manual or automated process

  • Tape Quality


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