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“The real story is the packaging performance. Our product arrived at our customer’s headquarters in perfect condition, despite the severe ride and handling conditions it endured. More fine testimony to add to Murphy’s product performance.“

– Arbon Steel



Wrinkles occur when stretch film is not stretched to its fullest potential.

Film is designed to be stretched 200 or 300%, and when stretched will have a clear/glass appearance. When not fully stretched, the film will have a wrinkled appearance.

Wrinkles may seem harmless, but are actually a two-edged sword that can cut sharply into your bottom line, wasting not only the film’s yield but also its performance characteristics.

As the two images demonstrate, there is a 6 oz weight difference in the amount of film used to wrap the exact same product. The product wrapped with film stretched 250% uses 4 oz of film, and has a clear/glass appearance. The product wrapped with unstretched film used 10 oz of film, and has a wrinkled appearance. The 60% weight differential creates significant cost savings between the two products.

Yield: When film is not properly stretched (wrinkled), you will use 2 to 3 times the amount of film you would use when stretched 200–300%. Your actual cost to wrap your product will therefore be 2 to 3 times more expensive than it should be.

Performance (Snap Back and Holding Force): Like a rubber band, film is strongest when stretched properly to reach its point of elasticity. Unstretched film (wrinkled) is weaker. Film not fully stretched risks the likelihood of product shifting and/or being damaged in transit. Wallpapering the pallet will not provide the optimum security you deserve and will, again, double or triple your cost.

Equipment: Consistently stretching film to its fullest potential (eliminating wrinkles) not only requires quality film but also requires quality equipment. If either is compromised, you will not achieve your ultimate goal of wrapping your product in the most secure and cost-effective manner possible.

Cost per Wrapped Unit: To determine your true cost, it is important to factor in not only the price of each roll of film but also the number of units (pallets, skids, etc.) each roll can wrap effectively.

Brand Integrity: Appearance matters. The sleek look of a properly packaged product can have a positive impact on your customer’s perception of your brand and your product.


“Murphy Packaging is unique in the world of packaging distribution. I don’t know of anyone who goes to the levels that you do to care for your customers and provide them with the best packaging solutions available.“

– Poly Resources



Situation: A mining company was experiencing severe burn holes in their shrink bags when an open flame was applied. Their annual usage was approximately 6 truckloads.

Customer Assessment: The customer’s initial reaction was to increase the gauge from 6 Mil to 8 Mil to resolve the issue of double bagging and additional labor costs.

Customer Action: The customer called Murphy Packaging, Inc. to get another opinion on the problem and also to get a quote on 8 Mil shrink bags.

Murphy Analysis: Murphy Packaging, Inc. explained that increasing the gauge was unnecessary and would increase their annual cost by 33%. The problem, in our opinion, was caused by a carbon buildup of their current supplier’s extrusion die.

Murphy Solution: Murphy Packaging, Inc. then sent in 6 Mil bags which immediately corrected the problem. Over the next 13 years we have successfully supplied 872,050 bags /0 rejects and reduced the gauge to 3.5 Mil. The yearly savings are substantial.

1,300,000 lbs. Saved (100,000 lbs. annually x 13 years)
$1,600,000 Saved (1,300,000 lbs. x $1.23/lb.)

Observation: Establishing a business relationship on mutual trust can have a major impact to a company’s bottom line.