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Kip Omolade

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

December, 1978:  Hyperrealism emerged at the “Illusion vs. Reality” exhibit  in  Australia when artists began to use technological advancements and  newly developed materials like vinyl  to create exceptionally lifelike sculptures of people who never really existed.   The artists extended our fascination with the human body into the 3-dimensional realm, using sculpting techniques more akin to the special effects industry than the visual arts.  Hyperrealism is still at the forefront of creative art today, as exemplified by New York artist Kip Omolade’s oil paintings of chrome portrait sculptures.  Kip begins with a plaster sculpture of a face, which he refines, converts to resin, adorns with chrome and eyelashes, photographs, and then paints on canvas.  Mystery in simplicity fascinates.

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