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Hand vs Machine Wrapped

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Are you hand wrapping your loads with stretch film? Have you ever considered switching to using a machine to stretch wrap your pallets? Here are some of the benefits of switching to machine wrapped pallets and how it will positively impact your ROI.

Consistent & Uniform loads: Machine wrapping eliminates the variances that occur from operator to operator with hand wrapping. Due to the same consistent percentage of stretch that is achieved with a machine, both the load integrity and holding force also increases.

Cost Savings: There are significant cost savings when switching to machine wrapping due to material and labor cost savings. Standard stretch wrappers can pre-stretch stretch film by 250% of its original length. In comparison, when hand wrapping, stretch film is usually pre-stretched 10-20%. This results in using 230-240% less material per pallet. In addition, machine wrapping also cuts down the amount of time that is required to wrap a pallet. When hand wrapping, an operator has to manually wrap the load and this process can take 2-3 minutes per pallet while machine wrapping cuts this time minimally in half.

Increased Productivity: Since you are eliminating the time consuming task of hand wrapping, you increase the number of pallets that can be wrapped. Also, since an operator can start the machine and walk away, the worker now has the opportunity to finish other tasks while the wrapper is wrapping the pallet.

When you take into account these attributes of machine wrapping, the purchase of a stretch wrapper is usually recouped in the first year of use. For more information on the different options available visit our recent articles on options, warranties, control panels and essentials or call our packaging experts at 847-549-1400.