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COVID effect on Packaging

Monday, August 17, 2020

Since March of this year, COVID-19 has reared its ugly head and transformed the way people interact, work, and consume products. It's no surprise that these changes have impacted several industries,  including the packaging sector.


The packaging industry is a key player as people learn to adapt to COVID in their everyday lives. The industry has seen a spike in packaging demands in  areas such as food and groceries, medical, and  at-home entertainment,  while other areas such as luxury items have seen a decline. These  changes have put a strain on packaging companies to make sure their supplies and production levels can keep up with the new demands. 


Packaging companies that manufactured or purchased raw materials overseas may have seen a disruption in inventory and therefore had issues keeping up with the new demands in the food and medical sector. It's during these times that it is crucial to make sure your packaging suppliers align themselves with trusted and reliable sources of packaging material. Over the past 5 months, Murphy Packaging has kept up with demands and can proudly state that we have never shut down a customer’s line down. Our partnerships with American-based companies allow us to not only provide our customers with products when they need it but also provide the same quality they have come to expect.

Some additional impacts of COVID-19 on the packaging industry include:

  • Plastics are in the highest demand. Many companies that originally used other forms of packaging are looking to a plastic alternative because of its ability to help stop the spread of diseases. Plastic is also longer lasting and more affordable than some alternative packaging.

  • Many companies who used to purchase their packaging from China have looked to other countries to purchase from due to the disruption of supply. It is predicted that China, who once was the packaging market leader, will likely see a decrease of up to 50% after the pandemic. This is mainly due to companies finding new American-based sources when supply was scarce from China, and now remaining with their new, reliable suppliers.

  • Global conferences and events in packaging such as Interpak, PackExpo and more have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely. Some conferences are also looking into virtual alternatives for the near future. 

It is apparent that COVID-19 will be affecting all of us for at least 2020, and more than likely beyond. As you navigate during this uncertainty please rest assured that Murphy Packaging is poised to supply the same quality packaging products you are accustomed to, when you need them.