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Coronavirus effect on Packaging

Thursday, March 5, 2020

No matter where you live, you have heard of the coronavirus epidemic that has been crippling China’s largest manufacturing provinces. The disease is thought to have begun in the province of Wuhan. Originally, government officials had hoped that by extending its Lunar New Year to February 3rd, they could gain control and avoid further spreading of the deadly respiratory infection. Now almost one month later, new cases are still being reported in not only China but other countries including the United States. 

**These numbers are based on cases reported as of March 5, 2020**

With this disease affecting major manufacturing provinces in China that supply both raw materials and finished goods to other countries, some of the industries taking the hardest hit include:

  • Luxury items

  • Leisure

  • Banks

  • Automobile

  • Technology


Although these industries are the most severely impacted, packaging manufacturers in the United States that rely or produce in China and the surrounding areas are also seeing an impact. This is predominantly due to the government mandated “wartime” measures in the affected areas. This mandate has completely shut down manufacturing. This is sure to have an effect on United States lead-times and product availability on tapes, polyethylene and stretch film to name a few.

Our business philosophy at Murphy Packaging has always been and continues to be to buy from manufacturers that produce their products here in the United States. This will allow us to continue to service our customers with the same product, right when they need it in the weeks and months ahead. In addition, our dedicated customer service team is consistently monitoring our inventory levels to ensure that we have adequate stock while taking into account current lead-times and past usage history.

These business strategies will allow us to continue to provide top-quality products right when our customers need them just as we have done during Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters that have affected packaging supply chain. The coronavirus is no different. Rest assured, when you partner with Murphy Packaging, we have your best interests in mind.