Case Erectors

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

When a company is seeing significant growth, one of the first departments to feel the pressure  is shipping. Spending time on the construction of cartons to ship out product can slow down the overall production process. Case erectors automate this part of production and help you keep up with the increase in demand.

A case erector is a machine that will automatically erect and seal corrugated boxes. Obviously, automating the system does not make sense in every situation. Typically, if you are erecting 300 or more cases per day, a case erector is the right option. If you’ve determined a case erector is right for you, below are some of the benefits this automated process will provide:

  1. Increase in productivity: On average, a worker cna erect 3 boxes per minute manually. A basic model case erector can produce 10 boxes per minute. Productivity more than triples!

  2. Increase in economy: There have been many advances in the manufacturing of case erectors in the last decade. Today they are easy to use and faster to set-up or change over.

  3. Increase in reliability: With the elimination of  the human element, case erectors virtually eliminate errors. The cases are built correctly the first time and every time.

  4. Reduction in inventory: Since you can make cases as they are needed, there is no longer a need to stockpile different cartons. This frees up valuable manufacturing space.

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