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Case Erector Benefit and Options

Friday, January 24, 2020

As one manufacturer of case erectors asks:

Does it make “cents” for you to buy a case erector instead of putting boxes together by hand?

To find out, answer the following questions:

  • QUANTITY:     How many boxes a minute do you usually need?
  • EFFICIENCY:  Do your workers struggle with erecting, filling and/or closing square boxes?
  • LABOR:          Should you utilize your workers elsewhere in your plant, or reduce labor altogether?

If you answered yes, case erectors might be just what you need to streamline production and save on labor!

Consider the following benefits:


  • 6 to 25 boxes per minute, depending on the manufacturer and model
  • Wide range of sizes
  • No operator required
  • Precision alignment of 90-degree angles through magnets, suction cups or robots
  • Protection against loss of up to 30% of box integrity from misaligned, unsquare boxes
  • Protection against problems from thin corrugate
  • Protection against problems from seasonal changes in temperature and humidity
  • Highly customizable – can integrate seamlessly into any production line



Is this the winning formula for you?

If so, below is more information on the options available.  As you will see, case erectors vary from the simplest bottom-seal machine to elaborate multi-function stations that prepare the box and its contents for immediate shipment.


  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic
  • Accommodate the 10 most used box types
  • Allow boxes to open facing up or to the side
  • Insert partitions or a bag
  • Accommodate drop loading or hand packing
  • Automatic delivery to a packing station and/or case sealing station
  • Seal boxes with tape or glue
  • Height extensions

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