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Benefits of Shrink Wrapping

Monday, March 25, 2019

Many companies wrap their pallets for storage. Two of the most common methods are stretch wrapping and shrink wrapping. In this article, we will go over the latter of the two--shrink wrapping.

Shrink wrap is a plastic film you can wrap around any object. It comes in different grades, sizes, can be printed, and can also have UVI added to it (great for outside storage). The shrink is then heated, which causes the plastic to shrink. As it shrinks, it conforms to the shape of your object or pallet. There are several ways to heat the shrink wrap:

  • Heat guns: shown in the video below

  • Heat Towers

  • Heat tunnels

Some of the benefits of shrink wrapping include:

  • Protection: It creates a very tight seal. Once heated, it protects items from dust, dirt, and moisture. When UVI is added to the film, it also is protected from the sun.

  • Durability: Shrink wrap is made from a very sturdy, durable plastic. Once heated, it does not loosen or sag.

  • Affordability: Shrink wrapping can be a very affordable choice in comparison to other packaging material. A heat gun is a very economical way of heating the wrap.

  • Branding: Shrink wrap can be customized with colors, words, pictures, and logos. What better way to promote your brand!

  • Convenience: Shrink wrap can be used for a variety of sized projects--from boats to small game pieces.

Obviously, understanding your application and what your objectives are for wrapping your product is ciritial in choosing the right material and heat tool. At Murphy Packaging, with our partnerships with top quality shrink material suppliers and Ripack for heat tools, we are poised to help you pick the right material and tool.


How to shrink wrap a pallet: