Air Bags

Paper Air Bags

Shippers Products Zebra Paper airbags have patented zebra stripes to ensure airbags are properly installed and match specific voids. If the Zebra stripes are touching the edges of the void, it is installed correctly- if the stripes are not touching- the void is too large, and additional dunnage may be needed to reduce the void.

The Double end fold (DEF) Level 1 airbag seams are glued using beads of adhesive glue. A special folding procedure is used on our Level 2-4 airbags, resulting in stronger end seams. Shippers Products Zebra Paper airbags are AAR verified, and best of all, Made in the USA.

Polywoven Air Bags

Shippers Products Gorilla polywoven airbags are made to hold tremendous load force that locks your load in place. AAR verified, the Gorilla airbag has an extremely durable woven outershell and protective barrier, which is also moisture resistant.

Available in Levels 1-5, with both Stock and Made to Order sizes. 

Vinyl Air Bags

Shippers Products Big Foot vinyl airbags provide the most coverage, even in the largest of voids, and lock your load in place. Big Foot airbags are pliable, adhere to product, and take shape to odd configurations without damaging boxes. Since vinyl is naturally elastic, airbags can expand & contract with changes in altitude, preventing failure in over the mountain shipments. Although priced as a disposable airbag, it can be reused an average of 4 times.